The One Thing to Get Right - Global Leadership Summit, Session 5C

John Maxwell's session focused on the value leaders can add to people.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Leaders truly have the ability to help or curse people.

But a leader must be very intentional, beginning with intentionally adding value to people. This is the core of leadership. It is very important to ask yourself, "Do you want to add value to people or for them to add value to you?" There is a thin line between adding value to and manipulating people.

Everything worthwhile is uphill. If you have a great marriage, it’s uphill all the way. A business...a church…great health...significance.  The only way to break a downhill battle is to make an intentional habit. No one has ever talked about accidental achievement.  So how do we intentionally add value to people?

#1 Value People.
Christ values people: from the thief on the cross to children.  From the parable about the lost sheep to the prodigal son.  God values people I don’t know. People I don’t like.  And Christ followers have to make a choice:  Are we going to spend our life connecting with people or correcting them?

#2 Specifically Think of Ways to Add Value to People.
Prepare for the day by asking, "Who am I going to see today and how can I add value to them?" Especially instill this in kids.

#3 Specifically Look for Ways to Add Value to People.
Live looking for the opportunities.

#4 Everyday, Resolve to Add Value to People.
Evaluate at the end of a day asking, "Did I add value to people today?"

#5 Everyday, Encourage Others to Add Value to People.
Will you rise up to make a difference?