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Sometimes we need a new perspective


Are you stuck? Is it time for a renewed vision and plan to get there? Let’s connect through The Unstuck Group. We work like mad to help your team eliminate the waste, align around a common strategy, and make a bigger impact in your local community.


My job is not to convince you how smart I am, but how smart you and your team are. Engage in a facilitated process to extract the best out of your team as you develop an aligned, focused strategy to drive better results.


Let’s chat for a free 38 minute call. Yep. Free and 38 minutes. You drive the agenda. Talk business? Church? Strategy? Leadership? Dallas Cowboys? Only a few slots available a week but I’m honored to meet you! Well, a few of you. ☺

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Session 8: Craig Groeschel “Expanding your Leadership Capacity”

| 2015 Willow Creek Leadership Summit | One Comment

Craig Groeschel Eph 3:20  Christ is able to do it measurably more than all we can ask or imagine…  To Him be the glory. Your brain does not comprehend what…

Session 7b: Liz Wiseman “Rookie Smarts: Why Learning beats Knowing”

| 2015 Willow Creek Leadership Summit | No Comments

Liz Wiseman, Book “Rookie Smarts”  @LizWiseman It’s not what you know, it’s how fast you can learn Is it possible that we’re actually at our best when we’re new, naive,…

Session 7: Leadership Summit Sam Adeyemi “Crushing the Power Chasm”

| 2015 Willow Creek Leadership Summit | No Comments

Sam Adeyemi- Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre in Nigeria “You will not reach the definition of success until you help these people succeed”- a new paradigm, focus on the…

Session 6: Brian Houston “Resilience”

| Uncategorized | No Comments

Brian Houston, Founder and Senior Pastor, Hillsong Austrailia New book coming out: Live, Love, and Lead Always knew he wanted to become a pastor (he’s a PK) Ephesians 1:1, clear…

"Mark gets team and organizational health. He knows what it looks, sounds, feels, and smells like. He has assembled and led great teams for growing organizations. He has also been part of lackluster teams and watched as the organizations they support begin to decay. He has learned from both scenarios and can bring that wisdom and experience into your business, non-profit, church, or other organization."

− Israel Lang | Executive Consultant, Heartland Leadership Group