Is your church stuck or needing a refreshed plan for this next ministry season?

Our team becomes part of your team for a series of strategic planning sessions tailored to your size and budget. Have you plateaued or are seeing decline? You know running the same play again and again is only going to keep yielding the same results. Is your team aligned to a clear, focused goal? As part of The Unstuck Group, we’ve helped several hundred churches find new plays, better techniques, and greater results as a team.

What you can expect:

  • Getting to truth on what we can learn from our past and our current reality
  • What can we learn about the patterns and trends we see around us?
  • Defining healthy measures and stats as a church
  • Aligning 8-12 of your key leaders around a common, clarified, God-sized vision
  • Clarity of who you’re trying to reach in your community
  • Identifying key drivers and risks that can either help move you forward or knock you backwards
  • Evaluation of staff roles and alignment to vision
  • Clear action steps to immediately start executing the plan with the team

We’re part of the greatest mission on the planet but without a playbook, we can simply create a lot of activity but see little to no results. It doesn’t have to be that way. What new steps will you take?

Next Step:

Either contact me directly for a 30-45 minute call or connect directly with The Unstuck Group. We look forward to the conversation!