When is the last time you took time out to look at your game plan?

So often in the whirlwind of life and activity we simply are running but have lost focus of what direction we’re heading. Sometimes it’s a new season emerging and we know the next five years are going to look a lot different than the past five years. Maybe you’re exhausted, burnt out, and ready to check-out. Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges and new plays to run. Do you have a playbook for you life? Are you able to look at your work, family, community, faith, and personal life and see how you’ll reach your goal line?

A Life Plan is a two-day intensive time to get perspective from your past, what we know about today, and chart some new strategies for your future. This is your game, I’m simply there to help you see your unique talents, story, and build your playbook for this next run.

What you’ll clarify for this next run:

  • What can be learned from my past and how I got here? What has worked well and what has lost its effectiveness?
  • What drives me? How am I uniquely wired to optimize this next run?
  • How do I refuel? What needs to be protected?
  • Who’s on my team? What really matters?
  • How do I filter and make sense of the different options I’m working through?
  • How can the different areas in my life be in sync and produce greater results?
  • In the end, what do I want to be remembered for?
  • What’s important now? What are next steps?
  • What are the pitfalls? What might impede my progress down the field?
  • Nothing in your past is wasted, how might it inform and add value to this new season?
  • You’ll leave with a playbook touching all the domains of your life. Let’s build a great game plan.

Next Steps

  • Contact me to schedule a 30-45 minute call. The chemistry between a player and coach matters. Hire well!
  • You’ll have approximately a ½ day of pre-work prior to connecting.
  • We schedule two full days together at a location of your choice.
  • Time to execute the plan!