Stay the Course - Global Leadership Summit, Session 8

We have a drifting culture. But no one drifts upstream or toward holiness.   Going upstream takes work.  So, to stay the course, to help guide our culture lost in the seas of right and wrong, we must establish a true north. A map changes but a compass always points to a true north. North never changes.   Just like the the word of God, our true North, even while culture is changing.

Our culture would say there are many maps (or ways) to find God but we are the ones with the only map that leads to freedom.  To salvation.  So what do we do?  How to we reach out and guide a wayward culture?

Here are four responses to change in our culture seen today:

#1 Accommodate
People begin to accommodate the “drift.” They may, over time, change their stance on issues pushed to the forefront of society - gay marriage, gun control, immigration - and try to be politically correct instead of taking the time to judge the fruit.

#2 Oppose
Some only listen to people who reinforce their fears and fuel their anger.

#3 Withdraw
Some feel as if their voice means nothing so they would rather stay out of the conversation and the line of fire. But those who withdraw too quickly lose the opportunity to have the impact God has called us to.

#4 Engage
This is the right response. We must engage our culture. Jesus stood up to the religious people who focused on their positions instead of loving well. If we are the salt and light of a world walking in darkness, we have a responsibility to bring the salt and light to the table. The only reason evil has prevailed is because the good has been absent. The church must be present when there is evil in our cities and communities because evil is simply the absence of good. This is the time to engage our culture, not to retreat.

So how to do you keep yourself from drifting?

#1 Know who you are.
You’re the church. Don’t be defined by Hollywood or culture. Our identity is in Christ (Acts 20:24).

#2 Watch the undercurrent.
This includes anything that opposes the will of God.

#3 Keep coming back.
We need to stay to the flight plan God has for us. An airplane makes hundreds of adjustments to stay on course.

#4 Repent when we’ve deviated from his plan.
The Titanic was warned four times but did not heed the warnings, but a scared world needs a fearless church.